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    $50,000 Amateur
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    $5,000 Novice Horse
    $5,000 Novice Horse Non Pro
    $25,000 Novice Horse
    $25,000 Novice Horse Non Pro
    $35,000 Non Pro
    $15,000 Amatuer
    $2,000 Limited Rider
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    Ranch Riding classes are only being held on Sept 16 & 17.

    Show Extras
    Stalls - 1 Night $80.00 (Includes 2 bags of Shavings)
    Stalls - 2 Nights $100.00 (Includes 2 bags of Shavings)
    Stalls - 3 Night $130.00 (Includes 2 bags of Shavings)
    RV Camping - 1 Night $75.00
    RV Camping - 2 Night $100.00
    RV Camping - 3 Night $120.00
    Camping with No Hookup - Weekend $50.00
    Camping with No Hookup - 3 Days $75.00
    Extra Shavings - $10.00 per bag


    If stall is not cleaned out, there will be a $60 clean up charge billed to you.

    Competition DaysPlease select which days you will be competing in. If you will be entering different classes for different days then please submit a separate form for each day.
    September 16, 2023
    September 17, 2023
    September 18, 2023
    Accept Terms *Please review and accept terms as noted. Entry can not be submitted unless terms have been accepted.

    By submitting,  I hereby agree to collection of my personal contact information as required by the entry submission form.  I understand that I am to settle up with the Ontario Cutting Horse Association on the day of the show all outstanding entry fees, cattle charges and additional services fees.  The Secratary's numbers will be considered final at the time of settling.

    Should I not attend the show, I understand I will be responsible for any fresh cattle fees that are applicable to the classes I've entered.

    NOTE:  Please double check your entry confirmation at the show with the event administrators.