Important Show Changes

Due to significant financial shortfalls at the first two shows, OCHA is implementing strategies to improve this situation.
First, the Open and Non Pro will be combined as well as the $25,000 NH and the $5000 NH . The order will be reversed Saturday Saturday to Sunday. Please note that the $25,000 NH/NP will still follow the Open/Non Pro.
Next, we will require pre-entry for the Open/Non Pro, the $25 NH/NP, plus the $25 NH/$5 NH. This will allow us to order the correct number of cattle. If you do not pre-enter and wish to show, you will be added at the end of the class. If you pre-enter and do not come, you will be charged.
This will first be implemented at the Stelzel Show - August 12th & 13th. You need to contact Ron by Thursday, August 10th cell # ( 519 ) 617 - 1865 or by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
I want to thank you in advance for your help and understanding as we are working to improve our bottom line.