Other Awards presented at Stetzl Cutting


AugStetzl show Emma 250buckler50

250 Novice Rider Buckle

Awarded to Emma Faccio (showing MH Dynos Rosalina) 

 Presented by OCHA Director Lisa Minshall


AugStetzl show Mary 250 buckler50

250 Novice Rider Buckle

Awarded to Mary Baks (showing Starlightssundaybest)

Presented by OCHA director Lisa Minshall

AugStetzl showMaryB250prizer50

Mary Baks received the Eberglo Sponsor Prize

for the aggregate award for the 250 Novice Rider Class


Paris Fair - Friday September 2 and Saturday September 3, 2016

 Location:  Paris Fair Grounds
                139 Silver St
                Paris, Ont

 Photo credit Sue Faccio

Trophies awarded by Paris Fair presented by Megan Robertson



Won by Troy Donaldson

showing the Rosalee Munch entry Xrey




Won by Amy Delange

Showing A Spoonful of Style


Youth Class

Won by Emma Faccio

Showing Anne Lorimer’s horse, CR Peppy

The Dianne Robertson trophy was presented by her daughter, Megan

Dianne was a member of OCHA for many years and worked for our organization with Paris Fair for all of those years.



2000 Limit Rider Circuit Award

Won by Logan Donaldson, showing the Rosalee Munch horse Xrey

Halter presented by OCHA director Noreen Whyte

Halter sponsored by Dwayne Jobs of System Fencing and Cynthia Wilder of Eramosa Engraving

Team Cutting at John Martin's Farm

Saturday, July 16, 2016

5833 Jones Baseline, Guelph ON, N1H 6J2


Thank you to Erica and John for hosting this event.


Thank you to our sponsors: Eric VanBoekel, Lisa Minshall and Erica and John.


Happy Birthday to our Judge, Ernie Wilson.


Lisa Minshall and Kathy Armstrong, our announcer.


Cheering on another team.


Team 1: Heather MacArthur, Trent Schade, Eric VanBoekel, Laurie Reed, Greg Wilde.


Team 2: Al Garnis, JP Gravel, Lexie Wright, Dave Hamilton, Jim MacKay. Karen Hudon (absent).

Team 2 won the Team Cutting - Congratulations!


Team 3: Don Vincent, Scott Reed, Dean Mougenot, Katherine VanBoekel, John Martin.

Thank you to Lexie Wright for the photographs.