Team Cutting at John Martin's Farm

Saturday, July 16, 2016

5833 Jones Baseline, Guelph ON, N1H 6J2


Thank you to Erica and John for hosting this event.


Thank you to our sponsors: Eric VanBoekel, Lisa Minshall and Erica and John.


Happy Birthday to our Judge, Ernie Wilson.


Lisa Minshall and Kathy Armstrong, our announcer.


Cheering on another team.


Team 1: Heather MacArthur, Trent Schade, Eric VanBoekel, Laurie Reed, Greg Wilde.


Team 2: Al Garnis, JP Gravel, Lexie Wright, Dave Hamilton, Jim MacKay. Karen Hudon (absent).

Team 2 won the Team Cutting - Congratulations!


Team 3: Don Vincent, Scott Reed, Dean Mougenot, Katherine VanBoekel, John Martin.

Thank you to Lexie Wright for the photographs.


NCHA Days at Minshall Farms

June 4 and 5, 2016



Draw winners:

Logan Donaldson – Joey Jemison Spur Straps

Noreen Whyte – Quarter Horse News Subscription

Karen Hudon – Dennis Moreland Bridle

Scott Reed – Dennis Moreland Bridle



Youth Scholarship winners:

Luke Delange – Junior Scholarship

Logan Donaldson – Senior Scholarship

Presented by Troy Donaldson, OCHA director



2,000 Limit Rider Aggregate Award

Won by Logan Donaldson

Presented by the judge, Tony Kennedy



Draw for 250 Limit Rider and Ranch Classes:

Winner of leather halter donated by Gary Sorrell

Was Anne Lorimer

Presented by Michelle Waters, OCHA Director

Other winners not present for pictures: Jana Wisniewski – a Quarter Horse News Subscription and Mary Baks – a Cutting Horse Training on Line Subscription




OCHA Cutting at Walkers’ Farm

June 25 and 26, 2016

This OCHA approved show will count toward Year End Awards.

CLASS                                     PURSE                         ENTRY FEE

Open                                   $200 added                         $200

Non-Pro                               $200 added                         $200

25,000 NH/HP                      $100 added                        $150

25,000 NH                           $100 added                         $130

35,000 NP                            Jackpot                              $120

5,000 NH                             Jackpot                              $105

2,000 LR                              Jackpot                              $105

15,000 AM                           Jackpot                              $105

50,000 AM                           Jackpot                              $105

Youth                                                                            $40

250 NR                                                                          $50

Ranch                                                                            $40

Fresh cattle will be available for first three classes each day; there will not be fresh cattle for the NH class.

Saturday: Horses on grounds at 10:00 am; show to start at 11:00 am.

Sunday: Horses on grounds at 9:00 am; show to start at 10:00 am.

Judges: Troy Donaldson

Jim MacKay

Shawn Minshall

Eric VanBoekel

Lunch will be available both days.

Directions:  Check map at [email protected]

Please direct inquiries to Kathy Armstrong, President at 905 838 1865


Juanita MacKay, Treasurer/Show Secretary 519 753 1565