2017 Year End Awards

Ontario Cutting Horse Association would like to congratulate all our members on their achievements.

Walter Hellyer Presidents Trophy 

Juanita Mac Kay

Jake Walker Memorial Trophy 

Rheal Bourgeois

Most Improved Rider 

James Cook

Aubrey Minshall Non Pro Trophy 

Eric Van Boekel

Horse of the Year Mercy Crawford Trophy

The Reyl Slim Shady owned by Eric Bouchard


1st-The Reyl Slim Shady-Eric Bouchard-Brian Kelly 

2nd-Mister Boss Hog-Eric Van Boekel 

3rd-Scarlet Cat Dancer-Ronald Stelzl

Non Pro

1st-Mister Boss Hog- Eric Van B 

2nd-Peppy Bag O Lena-Steve Neville 

3rd TIED-The Reyl Slim Shady-Eric Bouchard, Elseware-Trent Schade

25,000 Novice Horse

1st-The Reyl Slim Shady-Eric Bouchard-Brian Kelly 

2nd-Love That Dog-Eric Van Boekel

3rd TIED- LL Crockett Rocket-Scott Reed, Oklahoma Redneck-Ron Stelzl-Brian Kelly

25,000 Non Pro 

1st Ray Too Smart-John Martin 

2nd-Head Cat-John Koop 

3rd-LL Crockett Rocket

5,000 Nov Horse

1st- Elseware-Trent Schade 

2nd- Genuine Whyte Gold-Noreen White-Michelle Waters 

3rd- Dual Peps Tom Cat- James Cook-Troy Donaldson

35 Non Pro

1st- Cat Powered-Dave Hamilton 

2nd-Smooth Alley Cat-Laurie Reed 

3 rd-Sweet And Low-Tyler Hamilton Scott

2000 Ltd Rider

1st -Duals Peps Tom Cat-James Cook 

2nd- Cat Powered-Dave Hamilton 

3rd- Smart N Prime- Rheal Bourgeois

1000 Am

1st-Duals Peps Tom Cat-James Cook 

2nd-Quixote Lena Pepto-Lisa Hall 

3rd-Missancattin-Katie Leung

Select Non Pro

1st-Peppy Bag O Lena-Steve Neville

Ranch Class

1st TIED- Smart Juicy Chex-Shelly Price, Paldur Puff-Lisa Mayer

Photos credit Anne Lorimer

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