Non Pro (Combined Classes of 6 or less switch order next day) 

YOUTH (on same cattle as Non Pro)

50,000 Am and Unlimited Am (Combo Class) 

5,000 Nov Horse

25,000 Novice Horse (Combined Classes of 6 or less switch order next day) 

5,000 Nov Horse Non Pro 

25,000 Nov Horse Non Pro (Combined classes of 6 switch order next day)

35,000 Non Pro

15,000 Am

2,000 Ltd Rider

1,000 Am

250 Ltd Rider - For 250LR criteria and rules (LINK)

Beginner Class - Making the Cut Contest - For Contest criteria and rules (LINK)

Ranch class ( two handed) - For Ranch criteria and rules (LINK)

SADDLE SERIES - For Saddle Series criteria and rules (LINK)

Fees for classes will reflect fresh or used cattle.

Pre entries will be continued to be required for fresh cattle classes. And the current fresh cattle formula structure will continue to be applied.

Email blasts will continue to be sent to remind members as well as posting on the OCHA Facebook and the OCHA website of Pre entries.

** Class Order is subject to change **